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Hiring the right people for your business is very important and you should put a lot of effort into finding good candidates. However, many people have noted that business owners and managers seem to often hire the wrong people for the job. This leads to significant issues and it makes people wonder how they can do a better job of finding the ideal person to fill a particular role. Hiring the right people might involve approaching the interviewing process in a different way. 

Hiring Based on How Much You Like Someone Might Not Be Best

It probably isn’t a good idea to hire someone just based on whether you like them or not. Sadly, many interviewers wind up hiring people based purely on how much they like their personality during an interview. This can be problematic because someone being charming doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to do a good job. Having an agreeable and appealing personality is good, but it isn’t everything. 

Hiring Based Solely on the Resume Is Also Problematic

It’s going to be a bad idea to hire someone based solely on how good their resume is. You might wind up with someone who only wants to be at your company for a short period of time. It’s also possible that you could hire someone who doesn’t mesh properly with your business philosophy or ideals. You have to consider things beyond what someone has to offer on their resume even if having experience and skills will still be important. 

Some Are Turning to Video Interviews

Interestingly, some businesses are turning to offering video interviews where candidates will send in an interview video where they answer questions that they received via email. This allows candidates to answer the interview questions in creative ways and it also takes some pressure off since they won’t be facing an interviewer. Certain people see this as a way for job candidates to show why they want a job in a much more unique way. This still isn’t common practice for job interviews, but interview ideas like this could be helpful in the future. 

Put Effort Into Finding a Candidate That Fits Your Needs

As long as you put effort into finding a candidate that fits your needs you’re going to be fine. Try to hire someone who has a mix of experience, good personality traits, and an interest in growing with the company. If you can do this, then you should find someone who is right for the job. You’ll have a good employee who will become an important part of the business for many years to come.