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Every salesperson will hear the objection that a potential client can’t afford your product or service. When you hear this, you can’t take that as an answer. Here are some questions that you can ask to learn more and change potential clients into clients.

  1. Why do you think you can’t afford it?

Directly ask the client their reasoning behind their answer. While some clients may stay tight-lipped, others may give you a more thorough answer. The more you know, the more you can use this information to find a solution as to how the client can afford it.

  1. What are your alternative options?

If a client is coming to you for a service, it’s because they want or need the service. Talk to them about the alternative of not having the service or the benefits of your service compared to the competitors.

  1. What can you afford?

As a last result, ask the client what they can afford. Learning their expectations can give you insight into whether it will be worthwhile to continue talking to them or not. If the client and you have wildly different ideas on what the service should cost, it might be best just to end the conversation. If they do have somewhat realistic expectations, you may be able to negotiate. Always leave this for your last option. You don’t want to drop your price too much.

  1. What do you know about the product?

Learn what the client knows so that you can listen for any gaps in knowledge. There may be features and benefits of the product that the client wasn’t aware of. These features could become the selling point that encourages them to buy. Explain all of the features in detail. Make it sound impressive!

  1. How do you think that the product would help you?

Get the client to explain the benefits of the product themselves. When they are saying the benefits out of their own mouths, they are demonstrating that they do truly believe in its effectiveness. Sometime it can be better to let the client do the talking.

You can’t allow someone to tell you that they can’t afford your product without fighting for the sale. Use these questions to get all the information you need to show your client why they need to find a way to buy your product.